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Management Services


Often companies need senior level experience and involvement, but are not yet ready to hire a full-time employee with specific knowledge and expertise. In cases like this we will work with the company as team members or subject matter experts for as long as needed.

Each situation is different so we are flexible, and may include other functional experts or project managers from our network who we integrate into the team.

We can:

  • Manage specific projects or parts of projects
  • Perform interim management duties
  • Identify, recruit and manage virtual teams
  • Assess and enhance organizational effectiveness.


Organizational Effectiveness
Case Study

Organizational Effectiveness

A multinational pharmaceutical company was planning to introduce its first commercial product into the EU’s Big 5 markets.

Although it had only one product, it was planning to set up a traditional organization of FTEs that would cost around $25 million over the first three years.

We developed a series of fully-costed alternatives to FTEs that would provide the necessary sales, marketing, regulatory, finance and pharmacovigilance functions.

The option we recommended was a virtual commercial organization, in which all but core functions were identified and sourced from service providers which we identified, screened and approved.

Our feasibility study and implementation plan saved more than 40% over the company’s initial concept for a traditional structure.